IAT-235: 08 People Only Care So Much

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People Only Care Sooo Much

Why We Define Audience

Considering the reading, we end up with three different uses for a vehicle:

  1. Truck: Being able to haul lots of heavy gear or material for work.
  2. Sports-car: A fast and attractive vehicle for zipping around.
  3. Mini-van: Capable of carrying up to seven people comfortably.


Fictional (but realistic) characters that allow us to empathize with our audience.

Design for 'Everyone'

Means designing for no-one.

A combination sports-car, truck, and van

Design for Your Audience

National Geographic for adults:

National Geographic for adults

National Geographic for kids:

National Geographic for kids

A Little History of Audience

Designers and their clients

A photo of a printing press

Themes in History

Form and function

An example of a Bauhaus poster

Themes in History


The Bauhaus foundation course

Art Nouveau

Audience = people tired of industrialization

They tried to speak to their audience through more organic forms.

An example of Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha

Art Nouveau

An example of Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha


Audience = depends on function

Were the beginners of what was considered 'rational' design.

The Bauhaus School


Strong proponents of form follows function. The function was to communicate a message, so form should be as clear in communicating that as possible.

An example of a Bauhaus poster Herbert Bayer


Formalized design as a practice.

The Bauhaus foundation course

Understanding Media

To be a successful designer, you need to understand and be critical of the medium you are working with.

The Function of Print

Some questions:

  1. What do we use print for?
  2. How has it been used?
  3. How is it being used today?


Audience = the commoner

Art (or design) for social purposes.

A constructivist poster Gustav Klutsis


The audience was often not very literate, so designs used forms and text together to clarify the message.

A constructivist poster Aleksandr Rodchenko

Swiss Design

Audience = everyone

"Objective-rational design means legible design, objective information that is communicated without superlatives or emotional subjectivity."
Josef Muller-Brockmann
Josef Muller-Brockmann (Swiss design)

New York School

Audience = post-WWII people

Paul Rand (New York School)
Paul Rand (New York School)

Modernism vs. Post-modernism

Think of post-modernism as a different way of seeing the world. It brought about:

Post Modernism

Audience = it depends...

** Some exceptions apply

David Carson
Stefan Sagmeister
Anar Foundation "Only for Children"

This week's labs will be MEGA-LAB.

We will all convene in Room 3140 for this week. Please make sure to have all your deliverables — design constraints and 2 advertisements — printed in time for lab.

P04 Due Next Week

Submitted to Canvas before lab time: one 11x17" advertisement in colour (PDF), and a citation sheet (PDF).

Brought to lab: one full-colour, printed copy of your 11x17" final advertisement.

Next week is all about portfolio-ing.

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