IAT-235: 11 Getting Interactive

Close All Laptops Please

Only the back 2 rows may use laptops during lecture.

Getting Interactive

The Old Rules Still Apply

Design Principles

Let's take a look at how the CBC uses colour and works with scale to create hierarchy in their design.


Let's take a look at how Google uses Gestalt principles to clarify relationships.

The Web is 95% Typography


Let's recap your reading on Horror Vacui for a moment.

Media Queries
Adam Hartwig
The audiences for the portfolio project
Your portfolio's audiences.


You want to craft a usable, accessible and pleasurable experience for your audience.

Fulfilling a Need

Your first goal for every web project is fulfilling a need. You will have less than 20 seconds to convince an employer or client that your website is 'the one'.

What might help convince them your website is 'the one'?

Making it Usable

Thinking about context

This is a link. But how do you know that?

Making it Interactive


A series of web buttons
A series of different download buttons.

Keeping Up With the Jones

Flat design is... good? bad? ugly? gorgeous?

A series of flat UI elements

The Fluidity Problem

The web is not a fixed medium, as much as you may wish otherwise. As designers, we must embrace this.

Aiming for Consistency

The Yelp Style Guide
Mike Ingham Design
McCormack & Morrison

Human Search Engines

We are the search engines. Google is just a tool. This is why effective navigation is key in effective design of websites.

How We Navigate

Some considerations:

What kind of design considerations might apply to making our navigation more usable?


Interaction points should clearly indicate they are interactive.

The Peer Review for your Process Analysis is due!

Critique Quiz

In next week's labs we will be doing the critique quiz. It is important that you prepare for this quiz by reviewing the language and skills we have discussed in the course so far.

Next week we're going to get ethical.

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