P04: Advertising


To practice designing with a different set of constraints — now including colour — you will be creating an advertisement that will be put up in local Vancouver busses. The advertising you are creating is for the 'near future' — products that may not yet quite exist. The final dimensions of this print advertisement is one tabloid-sized (11x17") sheet.


Before your Week 9 labs (Nov 3/4).


10% of your final grade.


You will be working on this project for a couple of weeks, for which there are individual instructions.

Starting Week 7 (Oct 20/21)

In this week's lab you will be assigned one of the following advertisement options. Remember that these options are for products or services that do not quite exist yet. The options are advertising for:

Remember that these are advertisements that will appear on a bus, so keep that context in mind when completing your requirements for the next week:

  1. Identify under which circumstances an individual would likeliest be engaging your advertisement. Consider:
  2. Summarize your findings and create a list of design constraints.

  3. Sketch 20 possible designs for your advertisement, these sketches should be no wider than 5cm (2") across. Make sure to explore:
  4. From your best sketches, generate 2 print adverts at 11x17 inches (tabloid size) for review in next week's labs. Note that these print adverts will be put up on the wall and critiqued along with the rest of the lab. We will specifically be looking at the hierarchy and structure of your designs, the appropriateness, quality and professionalism of your typography and use of image, and the overall effectiveness of the design.
Week 7 (Oct 20/21) deliverables to bring to your Week 8 (Oct 27/28) lab:

Starting Week 8 (Oct 27/28)

In this week's lab, we will critique your process thus far. Using this feedback:

  1. Rework your advertisements as necessary creating one final design. Keep in mind who and where you are designing for.
  2. Fill in the citation sheet indicating where you acquired fonts and images for your project.
  3. Finalize your layout, save it as a PDF.

Final Delivery

Due to Canvas before your lab time on the Week 9 labs (Nov 3/4) is one final layout PDF as well as the citation sheet. It is also required that you bring a full-colour, printed copy of your final advertisement at 11x17" to the labs.

Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded and weighed according to the following criteria.

  1. Process: Weekly deliverable checks (2pts)
  2. Final Design: Application quality of colour, composition, consistency and typography in the design leading to a compelling advertisement (8pt)

Late or Problematic Submissions

Late submissions receive 10% per day after the original project delivery time. Problematic submissions - i.e. PDFs that we cannot open, or wrong files submitted - receive an automatic 25% deduction, with an addition of 10% per day until resubmission (after notification of the submission problem).