Course Schedule

Please note that this schedule may change, though any changes will be announced in lecture.

Date (Wk)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue
May 10 (Wk01)

Selections from Sketching User Experiences (Buxton, 2007)

Selections from Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming (Lupton, 2011)

May 17 (Wk02)

Selections from Graphic Design: The New Basics (Lupton & Phillips, 2015)

Understanding Seeing
  • Critiques
May 24 (Wk03)

Pages 11-71 (Letter) from Thinking with Type (Lupton, 2nd Ed. 2010)

Combining Typefaces (Brown, 2013)

Type HistoryP01: Process
May 31 (Wk04)

Pages 149-201 (Grid) from Thinking with Type (Lupton, 2nd Ed. 2010)

Laying it Out
  • InDesign tutorial
  • Critiques
Jun 7 (Wk05)

Pages 5-48 from This Means This, This Means That: A User's Guide to Semiotics (Hall, 2nd Ed. 2012)

Context Schmontext
  • Critiques
Jun 14 (Wk06)

Selections from Demystifying Public Speaking (Hogan, 2016)

Now Presenting DesignP02: Layout
Jun 21 (Wk07)

"Communicating with Colour" (Chpt 1) from Design Elements, Color Fundamentals (Sherin, 2012)

The Colourful WorldP03: Presenting
Jun 28 (Wk08)

Challenge Your Vision (Chpt 1) from Design for Real Life (Meyer & Wachter-Boettcher, 2016)

People Only Care So Much
  • Critiques
Jul 5 (Wk09)

"Delights & Accommodation" (Chpt 9) and "Gifts & Giving" (Chpt 10) from The Shape of Design (Chimero, 2010)

"The Worst Portfolio Ever" (Cornell)

Portfolio-ingP04: Colour
Jul 12 (Wk10)

To be announced

Branding Me, Myself, and I
  • Muse tutorial
  • Critiques
Jul 19 (Wk11)

"Personality" (Chpt 3) from Designing for Emotion (Walter, 2010)

"Horror Vacui" (Lima, 2014)

Getting Interactive
  • Critiques
Jul 26 (Wk12)

Read "Legalities", "Morality", and "Integrity" from Ethics in Graphic Design (Kane)

Let's Get Ethical
  • Critique Quiz
Aug 2 (Wk13)

No required readings

Ok, great, what do I do now?
  • Final Presentations
P05: Portfolio