IAT-102: 08 People Only Care So Much

IAT-102: 08 People Only Care So Much — A slide deck

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IAT-102 — P04: Colour

People Only Care Sooo Much

Design for 'Everyone'

Means designing for no-one.

Design for Your Audience

National Geographic for adults:

National Geographic for adults

National Geographic for kids:

National Geographic for kids

A Little History of Audience

Designers and their clients

The old printing press

Themes in History

Form and function

An example of a Bauhaus poster

Themes in History


The Bauhaus foundation course

Art Nouveau

Audience = people tired of industrialization

They tried to speak to their audience through more organic forms.

An example of Art NouveauAlphonse Mucha

Art Nouveau

An example of Art NouveauAlphonse Mucha


Audience = depends on function

Bauhaus began what was considered 'rational' design.

The Bauhaus School


Strong proponents of form follows function. The function was to communicate a message, so form should be as clear in communicating that as possible.

An example of a Bauhaus posterHerbert Bayer


Formalized design as a practice.

The Bauhaus foundation course

Understanding Media

To be a successful designer, you need to understand and be critical of the medium you are working with.

The Function of Print

Some questions:

  1. What do we use print for?
  2. How has it been used?
  3. How is it being used today?


Audience = the commoner

Art (or design) for social purposes.

A constructivist posterGustav Klutsis


The audience was often not very literate, so designs used forms and text together to clarify the message.

A constructivist posterAleksandr Rodchenko
Varvara Stepanova

Swiss Design

Audience = everyone

"Objective-rational design means legible design, objective information that is communicated without superlatives or emotional subjectivity."
Josef Muller-Brockmann
Josef Muller-Brockmann (Swiss design)

New York School

Audience = post-WWII

Bea Feitler
Jacqueline Casey
Paul Rand (New York School)
Carolyn Davidson

Modernism vs. Post-modernism

of post-modernism as a different way of seeing the world. It brought about:

  • A challenging of absolutes
  • Complexity in communication
  • Acceptance of diversity

Post Modernism

Audience = it depends...

** Some exceptions apply

David Carson
Paula Scher
Stefan Sagmeister
Anar Foundation "Only for Children"

P04 Due Next Week

Next week is all about portfolio-ing.

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