Course Schedule

Please note that this schedule may change, though any changes will be announced in lecture.

Date (Wk)Reading(s)In lectureIn LabDue
Sept 5/6 (Wk01)

Selections from Sketching User Experiences (Buxton, 2007)

Selections from Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming (Lupton, 2011)

SketchapaloozaIntroduction to P01: Icons
Illustrator tutorial
Sept 12/13 (Wk02)

Selections from Graphic Design: The New Basics (Lupton & Phillips, 2015)

"Icons and Logotypes" (Chpt 5) from Type on Screen (Lupton, 2014)

Understanding SeeingCritiques
Sept 19/20 (Wk03)

Pages 11-71 from Thinking with Type (Lupton, 2nd Ed. 2010)

Type HistoryIntroduction to P02: Layout
InDesign Tutorial
P01: Icons
Sept 26/27 (Wk04)

Selections from Grid Systems (Muller-Brockmann, 1996)

Laying it OutInDesign tutorial
Oct 3/4 (Wk05)

Pages 5-48 from This Means This, This Means That: A User's Guide to Semiotics (Hall, 2nd Ed. 2012)

Context SchmontextCritiques
Oct 10/11 (Wk06)

Selections from Demystifying Public Speaking (Hogan, 2016)

Now Presenting DesignIntroduction to P03: Presenting
P02: Layout
Oct 17/18 (Wk07)

"Communicating with Colour" (Chpt 1) from Design Elements, Color Fundamentals (Sherin, 2012)

The Colourful WorldIntroduction to P04: Colour
P03 Presentations
P03: Presenting
Oct 24/25 (Wk08)

To be announced.

People Only Care So MuchCritiques
Oct 31/Nov 1 (Wk09)

"Delights & Accommodation" (Chpt 9) and "Gifts & Giving" (Chpt 10) from The Shape of Design (Chimero, 2010)

"The Worst Portfolio Ever" (Cornell)

Portfolio-ingIntroduction to P05: Portfolio
Muse tutorial
P04: Colour
Nov 7/8 (Wk10)

"Brand Basics" (Chpt 1) and "Brand Ideals" (Chpt 2) from Designing Brand Identity (Wheeler, 2012)

Branding Me, Myself, and IAdobe Muse tutorial
Nov 14/15 (Wk11)

"Personality" (Chpt 3) from Designing for Emotion (Walter, 2010)

"Horror Vacui" (Lima, 2014)

Getting InteractiveCritiques
Nov 21/22 (Wk12)

Read "Legalities", "Morality", and "Integrity" from Ethics in Graphic Design (Kane)

Let's Get EthicalCritiques
Nov 28/29 (Wk13)

No required readings

Ok, great, what do I do now?Final PresentationsP05: Portfolio