P02: Layout


To practice setting type and imagery, you will work in groups of three to design a magazine article for print.


Before your lab time on Oct 10/11.


25% of your final grade.


You will be working on this project for a couple of weeks, for which there are both individual and group deliverables. Please note that you are responsible for your own individual deliverables as they are assessed on a weekly basis.

Starting Sept 19/20

In this week's lab we will give you an introduction to the project, some time to form groups as well as an introduction to working with type in InDesign.

  1. Individually come up with an article concept. You will need to prepare:
  2. Individually find 5 high-resolution photos with a minimum resolution of 2200 by 1700 pixels. Google Image Search can help by using the "Search Tools", and setting the size to "Larger than 4 mega-pixels."
  3. Individually choose 2-4 fonts for your article. Make sure to:
  4. Individually sketch 20 possible spread layouts ensuring that the sketches are no wider than 5cm (2 inches) across. Make sure to start exploring:
Due in your Sept 26/27 lab:

Starting Sept 26/27

In this week's lab, we will critique your process thus far as well as cover InDesign in more depth so that you can start working digitally for the project.

  1. Based on the critiques, as a group agree upon:
  2. As a group set up your InDesign spreads and additional files so that all group members have the same:
  3. Individually create a print layout for the set of all six pages (3 spreads). Take into consideration:

Make sure you are working with the provided placeholder text; you are not allowed to use any other text for your article's body text.

Due in your Oct 3/4 lab:

Starting Oct 3/4

In this week's lab, we will hold the final critiques on your deliverables thus far. Your big goal for this week is to combine your projects into one final one.

  1. After receiving feedback and critique, agree as a group on a final design direction.
  2. As a group refine and create your final six-page (3 spread) layout. Make sure to:

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before your Oct 10/11 lab and make sure to double-check all your submitted files to ensure they can be opened. Final submission includes:

Remember that Graphic Design is a design course, and as a result the submitted package of materials and their quality should be considered a design problem just as much as any other aspect of the project.

Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded on the following criteria, a more detailed rubric is available on the course pages.

  1. Process — Weekly deliverable checks, final deliverable quality, requirements followed (4pts)
  2. Typography — Readability, flow, and type-setting considerations (7pts)
  3. Composition — Grid or non-grid based composition, balance, whitespace, article flow and focus (7pts)
  4. Unity — Unity of elements, structure and overall design (7pts)