P03: Presenting


Having just submitted the layout project, you will now be working with your team to present on your layout project in your lab time on Oct 17/18. You will have three minutes to present.


Before your lab time on Oct 17/18.


5% of your final grade.


In your Oct 10/11 labs we will give you an introduction to the project as well as some time to work on it. We are expecting your presentation to illustrate your process and how it lead to your final design. As part of the presentation we should also get a clear sense of the rationale for your design decisions, which should be presented using clear and concise design language.

We recommend the following structure:

  1. Describe — Introduce your project briefly.
  2. Analyze — Breakdown how you created the project by outlining important steps.
  3. Evaluate — Reflect on the project result critically.

We also recommend the following steps to help you in developing your presentation:

  1. Outline what is needed in the presentation.
  2. Ideate on how best to present your work. Consider:
  3. Organize your ideas into slides. Consider:
  4. Sketch out your slides.
  5. Build your slides in InDesign or Illustrator. Note:
  6. Export a PDF of your presentation.
  7. Rehearse (repeatedly).

Please note the following rules:

  1. No more than 10 slides permitted
  2. Everyone on your team must speak during the presentation
  3. Presentations must be submitted and presented from PDFs (no Prezi or Powerpoint)
  4. Slides must be build at 1280 (wide) x 720 (tall) pixels
  5. The presentation must be in grayscale

Final Delivery

The final deliverable of one presentation PDF is due to Canvas before your Oct 17/18 lab. It is also required that you bring a copy of your presentation to the labs.

Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded on the following criteria:

  1. Punctuality — Were the three minutes used effectively? (1pt)
  2. Show and Tell — Was the use of imagery and explanation effective? (1pt)
  3. Effectiveness — Was there a clear and concise explanation of rationale using design terminology? (1pt)
  4. No I in Team — Are all team members equally represented? (1pt)
  5. Designing for Projection — Are the slides effectively designed for projection purposes? (1pt)