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P04: Colour


To practice further iteration and exploration in our design process, we will be revisiting our work for Project 2 and individually working on alternative layouts and integrating colour.

Please note: This project is an opportunity to build and explore further from P02 and P03 feedback. Projects that do not develop significantly from those deliverables may be penalized.


Before your lab time on Oct 31/Nov 1.


10% of your final grade.


There are a number of weeks in which to complete this project, so please make sure to read the instructions below carefully.

Starting Oct 17/18

The first step for this week is to select one of the spreads to work with for P04. A reminder, that for P02 you were required to complete three spreads. For this project you are only selecting one of those spreads to explore further. For the following week's lab, we are expecting to see the following explorations:

  1. Generate 2 different colour palettes for your spread. Consider what the message of the spread is, as well as what the images represent and convey. For this project you are required to work with colours other than black and white.
  2. Using the feedback from P02 and P03, generate a list of design issues you are going to address. You should aim to have at least three issues you are addressing, as well as a brief (1-2 sentence) rationale indicating why they are issues that need addressing.
  3. With the colour palettes and design issues identified, generate two alternative directions for the spread. Please make sure to consider how anything including (but not limited to) typography, photos, composition, ornamentation, colour, (etc.) can help to resolve the design issues you have identified.
Due in your Oct 24/25 lab:

Starting Oct 24/25

In this week's lab you will get feedback on your process so far. Using this feedback:

  1. Revise or clarify the design issues you are addressing as necessary. Create a brief document (max 250 words) that:
    • Identifies each issue being addressed in the redesign
    • Clarifies why each issue is in fact a problem that needs revision.
  2. Rework your two alternate spreads as necessary, keeping in mind the issues you are trying to address. Both directions will be presented as part of your final submission for this project.
  3. Fill in or update the citation sheet with any new or changed materials you will be submitting.

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before your Oct 31/Nov 1 lab and make sure to double-check all your submitted files to ensure they can be opened. Final submission to Canvas includes:

The following should be brough to lab on Oct 31/Nov 1:

Remember that Graphic Design is a design course, and as a result the submitted package of materials and their quality should be considered a design problem just as much as any other aspect of the project.

Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded on the following criteria:

  1. Process — Weekly deliverable checks, final deliverable quality, requirements followed (3pts)
  2. Brief — Quality and clarity in identification of design issues being addressed (3pts)
  3. Design — Quality of application of colour, typography, composition, consistency, and unity within the design to resolve identified design issues (4pts)
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